Sahrzad offers you the best vpn service for UAE.

With Sahrzad VPN you can unblock sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others places for the United Arab Emirates.


Sahrzad – the Best VPN for UAE

vpn for UAEIf you need to unblock Internet filters in UAE, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is best way so far. Unlike other methods, your traffic is encrypted with VPN. This means that you are not only visiting websites anonymously, your data is also well protected. You can be sure that no one can intercept your online activities even if you are in a remote place or in a Wi-Fi hotspot. But still, not all VPNs are equal. You should therefore know how to find the best VPN applicable so you can enjoy all its benefits.

First, a good VPN service provider is the one that can immediately give you an alternative IP address once the first one was blocked.

Second, it should have an excellent customer support when you need one.

And third, the service fee should be reasonable enough. Although many free VPNs offer the same services, most of them are only reliable for a short period of time. Be ready also to be bombarded with tons of ads. And because you don’t pay them, you cannot demand for a reliable customer service.

With a paid VPN, Internet surfing is fast and not intermittent. We all know how strict the Internet police in UAE are. The country’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) is already known for blocking sites related to pornography, gambling, and that are offensive to their government, religion and culture. This includes some Wikipedia pages that were also block in the country. In fact, Skype is only allowed in UAE in 2013. So, do you think free VPNs are good enough against UAE’s Internet filters? We strongly doubt they can.

Here at Sahrzad, we care for our customers. We believe that it is our fast and reliable services that make our customer loyal to us. Besides our affordable plans, we protect our customers’ privacy. We don’t keep your logs, not even your ISP. Our system is also very easy to use. We will provide you a set of user-friendly step-by-step guide. And because our services are available in Android and iOs devices, you don’t have to worry on using your own preferred smartphone brands and other electronic devices.

We have served many clients from around the world, including those staying now in UAE. And so far, none of them complained about uptime. Some of them even dubbed us an expert in Internet freedom, and we believe that we deserve being called that way. Nonetheless, we feel proud that many of our new customers are friends and relatives of our previous clients in the Middle East. With us, you are not only safe in your online activities in UAE, you can also be sure that you are safe from all kinds of hackers.

Sahrzad VPN believes that giving quality services to customers is what makes a business grow. We have invested so much to make sure no one is left behind. We understand the pain of being controlled of one’s right to use the Internet. But of course, don’t take our word for it. Try us now so you can see for yourself.

Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai

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