VPN for iPhone: What Does it Do?

VPN for iPhone
VPN for iPhone

If you are a huge fan of Apple, chances are you bought the latest model of iPhone. Why it worth to think about VPN for Your iPhone? The answer to the question is related to online security. It does not mean though that Apple is not concern with your privacy. Besides the tons of security apps available at Apple App Store, iPhones have security features to avoid theft. However, these measures are only for the physical device, and not really to avoid malicious software.

It is known that many reported problems are about viruses that have been targeting jailbroken iPhones. In the world of Apple, jailbreaking is when you remove the limitations of Apple’s operating system, iOS. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, you can now download applications and extensions that are not available at the Apple App Store. But while this idea sounds cool, you are also increasing your chances of being attacked by malware. Although you can install some antivirus programs, a VPN for iPhone is definitely a better option.

First, you should understand how VPN works. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which means you are connect to a private network or over a public network such as the Internet but with a secured connection. On your iPhone settings, you can choose to add a VPN configuration and then turn it off if you like. So far, iOS works with VPN servers that support different protocols. This includes L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP. All of them require user authentication, which you can get from your VPN service provider.

While using a VPN, you will be provided with a new IP address. This makes your real IP address hidden, as well as your geo-location. There are also other ways to do so, such as using proxy servers. But with VPN, your web traffic is highly encrypted that any third party will find it hard to decrypt it. Therefore, you can be sure of a higher level of security that other methods cannot offer. For the record, many large companies and government agencies use VPN to protect their sensitive data online.

And because iPhones are mostly used in Wi-Fi zone areas, VPN comes to the rescue when it comes to online security. A reliable VPN can also help you unblock restricted sites while you are in a country that imposes strict Internet policies. But then, not all VPNs are the same. Some VPN service providers lack Quality of Service (QoS) management and offers very slow Internet connection. This is not good especially if you are using Skype for iPhone. This is why you should know how to choose the right VPN.

In general, there are two kinds of VPNs – the free and paid versions. Obviously, you will not spend a dime for a free VPN. But once you’re connected, tons of ridiculous advertisements will appear. Unlike in paid VPNs, you should not also expect a fast response from their technical support. And come to think of it, if you can spend money for an expensive iPhone, how much more for a VPN that can protect your online privacy?