How to Unblock WeChat in Russia

Several days ago WeChat messaging application was blocked in Russia. WeChat, (Weixin in China)  is one of the most popular messaging service in the world.

Beside messaging, WeChat also offers payment, ride-hailing and other services.

“We’re experiencing a block and we’re deeply sorry,”

WeChat official representative said on a company’s blog.

“Russian regulations say online service providers have to register with the government but WeChat doesn’t have the same understanding (of the rules)”.

According to Roskomnadzor the messaging service did not provide its contact information for the register of information distribution organisations.”

“We are sending letters to iTunes and Google Play to block the app. We await a reaction. If it does not follow, access to the messenger will be limited through telecom providers.”

was reported.

We are really sorry for such situation because some others services like Line and Blackberry messenger were already blocked in Russia.
In this situation there is only one reliable solution how to unblock WeChat in Russia – using a VPN.

VPN is a virtual private network that masks your real IP address and guarantee you completely safety and privacy. It also let to access any blocked site or service.

How to Unblock WeChat in Russia

  1. Get VPN account gata

2. Setup VPN connection. This is fast and simpler – please review vpn setup guides.

3. Enjoy WeChat wherever you are!

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