Unblock Viber in UAE Dubai with Sahrzad

Viber is very popular today. Now it has over 200 million users from different countries. Viber allows audio, video, and text messages exchange to its users with no charge at all. From the beginning it was iPhone application and today it is already available for Android and other OS users.

Unblock Viber in UAE
Unblock Viber in UAE

However, Viber is blocked in Dubai and United Arab Emirates because it has been classified as an unlicensed VOIP service and was banned according to local regulations. Fortunately it is not a problem to unblock Viber in UAE using VPN (Virtual Private). Sahrzad is one of the best service for Viber in UAE.

Why Sahrzad VPN it better than others methods? The answer is obvious.

Unblock Viber in UAE

VPN is very effective and safe for opening blocked sites in UAE. VPN users mask their ip under vpn and get a new IP address, allowing them to access sites anonymously anywhere in the world. Sahrzad VPN hides your original IP address and geo-location. In addition, your web traffic is encrypted, and third party (including hackers) can not decrypt it. So, if you will use Viber in UAE, local Internet police will see you as someone outside the country.

UAE’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) is responsible for Internet censorship in UAE and it is very strict. The government signed a new cybercrime law by the end of 2012, and violators may be deported or jailed. This is the main reason why you should be careful in choosing the right VPN service provider like Sahrzad is. There might be some free VPNs that can provide reliable services, but do you think a free service is good enough to protect you against the harsh rules of UAE? We don’t think so.

Sahrzad will care about your on-line privacy and she is the one who can connect you to Viber and other restricted sites in UAE without any interruption.

You will enjoy Sahrzad support and excellent customer service.