How to Unblock Twitter and Other Blocked Sites in Pakistan

Several days ago Twitter was blocked in Pakistan. Other social websites like Facebook can be also blocked in the nearest time. Find out how to access Twitter in Pakistan and others blocked social websites today.

Here is what official Twitter sais:

“We are aware of reports that the Pakistani government has taken action to block Twitter service, as well as other social media services, and that users are having difficulty using Twitter in Pakistan. We are monitoring the situation and hope service will be fully restored soon”

The reason of such blocks is not clear.  Pakistan government sent in troops to address an Islamist sit-in in Islamabad.

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How to unblock Twitter in Pakistan

The most reliable way to use blocked services in Pakistan is VPN – Virtual private network. It masks IP address and helps to bypass any kind of Internet restrictions.

VPN can work on any device like smartphones, tablets and computers. This is safe and reliable.

With VPN you can stay secure and anonymous and get an access to all blocked social media.

  1. Get your VPN account
  2. Setup VPN connection, following Step by Step vpn setup guide.
  3. Connect to VPN and enjoy your Tinder!