Moving to the Dark: Kickass Torrents Avoid Censorship

Recent times anti-piracy groups in the world press on internet service providers and demand  blocking torrent sites.
Kickass Torrents is trying to avoid censorship efforts moving its activity to the dark. Now it is hidden in the TOR networks.
Every day Kickass Torrents attracts millions of pirates. Now this is the most visited piracy site on the internet.
The UK and Finland already implement blocking of torrent websites at an ISP level, and Australia is going to be next.
Although the technique  successfully blocks p2p websites, millions of people use VPN solution to get an access to p2p.
Internet service providers cannot do anything with VPN so users can use torrents without any limitations.
Kickass Torrents’ Mr White said the site was moved to the dark web after a number of requests from users, who have been quick to praise the piracy outlet.

“This is fantastic news. I had quite some difficulties trying to log in. Now no more,”

Internet user wrote.

“Welcome to Tor KAT family, nothing beats sailing on the dark net,”

another p2p users said.

Kickass Torrents is not the first piracy site to exist on the dark net with The Pirate Bay making the move several years earlier.
Additionally, there are also a number of smaller, lesser known torrent sites on the web.