Is It Safe to Use VPN in UAE?

Sahrzad VPN for Dubai
Sahrzad VPN for Dubai

We all know that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposes strict Internet censorship. The country’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) is very good in blocking sites with contents related to pornography, gambling, gay and lesbian, online dating, and anything against their religion and culture. Dubai, the nation’s largest city and is known for having the tallest building in the world, has a famous business-friendly environment called Dubai Internet City. But even in that area, Internet filtering is strictly being implemented. Many users are asking is it safe to have VPN in UAE?

Is it really safe to use VPN when you are in UAE?

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Is using VPN in UAE Safe?

Generally speaking, the answer is Yes. In fact, VPN is the safest way to unblock restricted websites in any country around the world. This is because VPN traffic is encrypted. This means a very special technique is required before anyone can intercept the data being transferred online. Once you get the services of VPN, the VPN service provider will provide you a new IP address to hide your real identity. Therefore, you can now browse the Internet anonymously. Your geo-location is also hidden, which makes you look like as someone logging in from another country, say US, but definitely not from UAE.


Some people say that proxy sites are also reliable when you are in UAE. Just like VPN, proxy sites also hide your real IP address. But because your traffic is not encrypted, you can easily be caught, and therefore you are not really safe. With a reliable VPN, you can be sure of a very highly secured Internet connection. Even hackers will find it very difficult to steal your identity. This is the main reason why many businesses in UAE trust Sahrzad VPN. Business owners feel secured when they allow their employees to access critical information in a remote area, such as at home or even in a populated Wi-Fi hotspot.

Paid or Free VPN in UAE

But then, not all VPN services provide the same security protocols. Free VPNs are good if you want to save money. But if you are really concerned about safety, you should be willing to invest in it. The UAE government is spending good money to control the Internet, so you should not expect to match their effort using a free VPN service. You do not also expect to receive an excellent customer service from a company that offers free service, do you? On the other hand, a well paid VPN service provider can even quickly provide you with another VPN IP address, once the TRA blocks the first one.

Many VPN service providers do not store personal information of their clients. This means that if TRA happens to block your VPN server, they still cannot stop you from trying another VPN. Your ISP provider can also see you but it cannot view your activities. Likewise, VPN is also safe in various electronic devices, including Android and iOs phones and tablets. So if you want to make sure that you are choosing a safe VPN in UAE, pick the one that has a reputable name. Avoid VPN service providers that have limited services and those with negative reviews.