How to Unblock Facetime in UAE

Today Facetime is one of the most convenient and popular application. It has millions of fans and is used in many countries. Unfortunately, Facetime is not available in UAE. It was restricted as others similar calling applications.  The best tool to unlock Facetime in UAE – via VPN (virtual private network). Try Sahrzad service today and unblock Facetime in Dubai. Using Sahrzad you can also unblock any other restricted website and bypass any Internet limits.

Today population of United Arab Emirates is over 10 million and over 8 million are expatriates who come to the country for work.

Most of these expats are living alone without their families and far from friends.

Of course, all of them are looking for new friends in the UAE.

The Internet is a great place where you can find new friends. There is a great number of website where you can meet people.
Facetime is one of the most popular sites to find friends.
Unfortunately, it is blocked in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and others emirates)

How to unblock Facetime in UAE?

There are many solutions which can be used, such as:

  • Proxy
  • TOR
  • DNS
  • Translation service
  • VPN

VPN or Virtual private network is the most reliable way to unblock Facetime.


Main advantages of using VPN in UAE

  1. It is safe
  2. It is secure
  3. It is absolutely anonymous

VPN hides your IP address making you invisible for country’s authorities and 100% safe.
On one have you get privacy and security and on the other hand, you are completely free and can access any blocked site.
Using VPN is probably the only solution that can guarantee you Internet freedom and online security.
Try Sahrzad service today and enjoy your security.
Bypass all limits in the UAE!
You can use Sahrzad VPN on iPad, iPhone, Windows pc, MAC, Android devices.
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