Finding a Solution to Your Weak Personal Cyber Security

Cyber security

With the number of security threats increasing every day, it is with no doubt that cyber security is very important. Cyber-attacks are causing adverse effects to governments, companies, and individuals; an example is the largest cyber assault that affected 150 countries attacking over 300,000 computers. The cost of cyber threats is constantly increasing, and it is projected to hit 6 trillion dollars annually by the year 2021. If you are wondering what cyber-attacks are, they include data destruction, theft of data and intellectual property, stolen money and financial data, forensic investigation among many others.

Dr. Alissa Johnson, the former CIO at White House suggests that it is always important to remember the basics in order to prevent cybercrimes and when it comes to phishing attacks, security is everyone’s responsibility. However, it is not only the number of security-attacks increasing. The intensity of these attacks is on the rise as well with the targets progressively broadening. The digitization of almost all sectors is posing a threat which calls for worthy commitments and security budgets. The industry is struggling with limited funding and increased security needs. Hopefully, organizations will allocate funds accordingly and front the fight against cyber-attacks.

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Rubica isa company offering personal cyber security and privacy to private individuals like you and I. They are an amazing solution in protecting world Class Corporations but specifically personal and business network. Rubica provides full-time cyber security to all your devices regardless of when or where you use them. Additionally, they have they have security experts monitoring all your activities and ensure that you are safe from any attempt by cyber-criminal.

Operating for over ten years, Rubica is a well experienced providing real-world consultancy, concentric advice and digital security to the world most renowned personalities. If you are looking for personal cyber security, then Rubica will never is well staffed with cyber security experts previously working for world top organizations such as Scotland Yard, US Navy, and NSA. Rubica works in partnership with leading financial services, insurance, and law firms to help them provide education, information, and services to their client’s personal cyber security.

Rubica has proved to be the best personal cyber security protecting your privacy by eliminating the complexities involved and taking care of it behind the scenes without your notice. They deliver security in one app without any hardware or following confusing manuals. With the Rubica app, you have your own cyber experts keeping safe and secure all the time in any place.

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In an attempt to ensure that your personal cyber security is not compromised, Rubica comes with the option of turning it on and off, viewing protection status, seeing investigated events, Contact Rubica experts, track data analyzed, view activity graph and accessing activities of all devices all in a simple and easy to use interface.

Rubica uses encrypted and secured VPN (virtual private network) technology that keeps all your data and information private where using shared networks like Wi-Fi. Rubica also comes with a special feature that blocks your home and mobile internet provider from getting access to your traffic so they are not able to collect your app or browsing usage data.

Finding a Solution to Your Weak Personal Cyber Security