Countries Where WhatsApp is Fully or Partly Blocked

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers today with lots of fantastic features. Unfortunately it is blocked in some countries. We made a short review to find out where WhatsApp is blocked.
Google helped us to investigate the trends. We found out top 8 countries where WhatsApp is blocked, and these are:
1. South Africa
2. Singapore
3. United Arab Emirates
4. United Kingdom
5. India
6. Malaysia
7. Canada
8. United States.

In some countries like UAE WhatsApp calling is blocked on country’s level and people are using different solutions to unblock WhatsApp.
In countries like USA, United Kingdom, and Canada WhatsApp is not blocked in the country at all but it is widely blocked in schools and offices for many people, so Internet users from these parts of the world also want to unblock WhatsApp.

In the United Arab Emirates WhatsApp is blocked. You can read how to unblock WhatsApp calling in UAE.
It does not matter why WhatsApp is blocked for you. There is perfect universal solution that works in any case and helps to Unblock WhatsApp: VPN – virtual private network.
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