How to Bypass Internet Censorship in Venezuela

Nowadays Internet censorship in Venezuela is growing. During the last two month anti-government protests are taking place and over 50 people were died.

Venezuela citizens are very angry with country’s president Nicolás Maduro. He claims for using the powers to fight  “economic war” with unseen enemies, but also  taxes on alcohol and tobacco alongside a collapsing economy have turned people against him.

That cause protests and the government want to shut it down.

Today every two of three people in Venezuela have internet connection or a smartphone while others can only rely on television for getting news. Television in the country is censored.

When citizens started using SMS messages to share information and coordinate protests, president Maduro personally ordered an investigation into phone company Movistar, claiming that it was assisting opposition to the government.

When protestors then moved to online TV stations, the Venezuelan government responded by censoring them., and have all been blocked at the DNS level, sparking letters of protest to the national telco commission Conatel and demands for an investigation. Other websites have reported denial-of-service attacks.

It is unclear what the legal justification is for the blocks, and the situation led to the United Nations Human Rights Commission issuing a statement condemning “the censorship and blocking of information both in traditional media and on the internet.”

Human rights

The report noted that

“a large part of televised media is under government control, while the private sector operates with restrictions due to expired licenses that public authorities have refused to renew in more than two years.”

It claimed the restrictions in place were “disproportionate and incompatible with international standards.”

How to Bypass Censorship in Venezuela?

If you want to get uncensored Internet and avoid Internet filters you can use a VPN – Virtual Private Network.

It makes your connection encrypted and you can easily access any blocked sites.

Besides that vpn tunnel codes all your traffic so you can stay secure and anonymous wherever you are.

VPN solution can be used on any device like computer, tablet or smartphone.

Get VPN today – be safe and secure and enjoy your unrestricted Internet!