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Sahrzad VPN setup Guides for Windows XP

vpn for Windows XP

Here you can find Sahrzad vpn setup instructions for

Below you can find simple Sahrzad VPN setup guide for devices with Windows XP OS.
If you have some question please contact us.

Also we can provide you our Windows application for easy Sahrzad vpn installation.

To create a new vpn connection in Windows XP please follow the next steps.

1. Click "Start” button and select “Settings” -> “Network Connections".
Windows XP VPN Setup

2. Click Next button
Windows XP VPN Setup

3. On this step you need to select "Connect to the network at my workplace", after that click “Next”.
Windows XP VPN Setup

4. Click "Virtual Private Network connection", then “Next”.
Windows XP VPN Setup

5. Enter the name of VPN connection and click Next.
Windows XP VPN Setup

6. Enter host name or IP address of your VPN server.
Windows XP VPN Setup

7. Click Finish to complete the process.
Windows XP VPN Setup

8. Enter your VPN Account username and password (that you received by e-mail from VPN Account company), and click Connect.
Windows XP VPN Setup

9. The authentication process status must be shown on your screen.
Windows XP VPN Setup

10. Your VPN connection is created.