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Sahrzad - the Best VPN Service for Oman

Sahrzad vpn service for Oman If you are now in Oman, you will not be able to access Skype, Google Talk, and Viber. This is because the country’s TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) has blocked them since March 2007, along with some other VoIP services. The Sultanate of Oman is also blocking sites that contain pornography, gay and lesbian content, gambling, illegal drugs, and anti-Islam content. Private communications including chat rooms and forums are also being closely monitored. But if you want to enjoy your Internet freedom, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is definitely a very useful solution.

A VPN acts as a virtual secured tunnel for users and provides an encrypted Internet connection. While you are connected to a VPN server, requests to visit a site are passed on to that other server and then the information is sent to your computer. A new IP address will be provided to you, which means the Oman Internet will see as someone logging in from another country. If you are in Oman and you are connected to a VPN with a node in Canada, you will be seen as someone from Canada, not from Oman. You can now use Skype and visit all the restricted sites in Oman. The principle is that plain and simple.

Consequently, VPNs also allows employees to safely browse the Internet even in remote areas. And because a VPN is a point-to-point connection between the user's computer and a corporate server, business owners are confident that their sensitive information cannot be intercepted by hackers or any third party. Another great advantage of VPNs is that most of them offer downloadable app for Android and iOS smartphone users. As compared to proxy sites, most VPNs are not being blocked in schools and universities. Traffic using proxies is not encrypted and is therefore not as secured as VPNs.


Sahrzad - Secure VPN service for Oman


If you really want to use the best VPN for Oman, avoid using a free VPN. You may be saving a couple of bucks with free VPNs, but you should not expect a fast and consistent Internet connection. If you encounter technical problems, customer support is not always dependable. On the other hand, most paid VPNs are capable of providing a new VPN IP address once the Oman government has blocked the earlier address provided by the VPN service provider. As compared to a free VPN, a real good premium VPN will not log your online activities. Contextual ads will not also appear while you are connected.

We at Sahrzad, has everything you need in a paid VPN. We offer a one-day trial, free of charge, and without any obligation. If you are happy with us, you can choose from any of your affordable VPN plans. We also respect the privacy of our customers. We never keep records of personal information. And because we assume that your business will grow with us, we can extend our VPN services with minimum additional costs. But more importantly, you can enjoy a fast, secured, and uninterrupted Internet connection. We will be happy to serve you, and include you as one of our satisfied clients.