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Sahrzad VPN setup Guides

Here you can find simple step by step instructions on how to setup vpn in Windows XP/ Win 8 / Win7 * Mac OS * Android OS * iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
VPN setup in Windows
vpn for Windows
Mac OS VPN setup
vpn for Mac OS


L2TP VPN Setup
VPN setup in iOS

vpn for iPhone/iPad

Setup OpenVPN in iOS
Android VPN setup
vpn for Android

Android L2TP/IPSec VPN setup
Android SSTP VPN setup
VPN setup
vpn setup for your device

Windows is still one of the most popular operational systems today. Sharzad offers your simple step by step vpn setup guides with pictures and detailed descriptions.

Here you can find vpn setup instructions for

If you have another version of Windows and cannot setup vpn using our guides, please contact us and Sahrzad technical support team will help you to make a vpn connection on your Windows device.

It is very easy to make a new vpn connection using standard Windows settings.

However if you have some difficulties in creating a vpn connection on your computer we can provide you with a simple vpn setup Windows program so you will need only to input your login and password (which Sahrzad send you after the order.)

Apple Macbook is very popular device on which you can use Sahrzad vpn service.

It is not difficult to make a new vpn tunnel on your MAC OS device. You will need to spend several minutes to setup vpn in your Mac only for the first time.

Subsequently you will need only Connect and Disconnect from Sahrzad vpn.

Feel free and unblock everything you want with Sahrzad.

VPN setup in MAC OS

Sahrzad VPN can be used on iPhone/iPad/iPad mini and others gadgets with iOS.

It is easy to setup vpn connection in your Apple device.

Below you can find simple step by step instructions how to setup vpn in iPhone/iPad.

It will take you only a few minutes to create vpn tunnel first time.

You will not need to do that in the future. Just connect to Sahrzad VPN and enjoy your Internet freedom.

VPN setup in iOS

It is easy to use Sahrzad vpn on your Android device. You can use Sharzad service on Android tablets, Android planshets, smartphones with Android OS.

It will take you only a few seconds to setup vpn connection from your Android to Sahrzad vpn server.

Sahrzad will care about you security and give you full freedom.

There are no limits in the Internet with Sahrzad vpn service. Get the service today!

VPN setup in Android

IF you are trying to setup vpn on some special device like xbox, router or some other, please contact Sahrzad and our technical support will help you.