WhatsApp Works in Brasil

WhatsApp is working again in Brasil after being blocked. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)  said that he is disappointed in the earlier decision.

“WhatsApp is now back online in Brazil! Your voices have been heard once again. Thank you to our community for helping resolve this. That said, the idea that everyone in Brazil can be denied the freedom to communicate the way they want is very scary in a democracy.”

Zuckerberg is now calling on people in Brazil to show up in front of the country’s Congress to attend the Internet Freedom Caucus event as they will be discussing laws that will help prevent another blockage or ban from happening again. Citizens would be able to participate in the discussions and it could hopefully provide more insight to lawmakers and officials about the impact of their actions.

Blocking of such messengers as WhatsApp prevent people from freely communications. This is very serious problem in many countries.

“The project determines the blocking of websites and apps puts crime of terrorism together with copyright infringement. Both can cause blockage . This opens the door to censorship and that more locks happening in Brazil. A judge in a small town, based on this project, you can block even more sites and services to all 200 million Brazilians. The internet needs to be free. Block sites on the Internet which affects all users is something countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and North Korea. Brazil is not and can not become a North Korea,”

the petition’s translation read.

In any case there is still an easy solution for unblocking WhatsApp from any country: using a VPN.

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