Top 5 Benefits of Using VPN in Dubai in 2018


Last Update February 2018

Probable Dubai is one of the most fantastic and fast growing city in the world. Internet is undivided part of developing world. Today free wi-fi networks are available in most public zones in Dubai even on the beaches. However there is some problem with Internet in Dubai and others places in United Arab Emirates and others Gulf regions – Internet censorship, or web filtering.

Internet censorship in Dubai as well as in the entire UAE is not as strict as in the others Arab countries on the Middle East. However, the country’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) blocks a huge number of web sites and services. Especially those they suppose are offensive to their culture and belief. Gambling and adult sites are also not available in UAE.

For the record, Skype, Line  are Viber are blocked in UAE but you can access Facebook and YouTube.
It is worth to say that you can be punished for illegal Internet activity. So it is highly important to take care about your Internet security!

Are there any reliable solutions to unblock sites in Dubai and be safe on-line?
The best answer is using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPN in Dubai

Many people in Dubai attest that VPNs are really effective. So if you want to know the many benefits of using VPN in Dubai, below there are some of them.

  • VPN service providers you a new IP address. This allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, access and blocked sites and services like Viber and Skype wherever you are in Dubai.
  • VPN service gives you high security levels by using advanced encryption – all your Internet activity is encrypted and nobody can find out what sites are you opening.
  • In general, most VPNs offer lower operational costs as compared to any traditional WAN (Wide Area Network). This is why more and more businesses prefer VPN over WAN.
  • VPN is very useful for Dubai employers who allow their employees to access sensitive business information even if they are in a remote area or in a Wi-Fi zone.
  • Mobile users in Dubai can easily access restricted sites using VPN. VPN is must have in public wi-fi due to security questions.

You can get free Sahrzad VPN today and realize how good the life is without Internet restrictions!