Why People is UK Are Using VPN?

Recent Internet research shown that about 16% of British adults Internet users are using a VPN or proxy server.

Main reason why they use VPN is access to blocked websites.

Also respondents say that VPN provides better security and better privacy.

VPN is a virtual private network – special secured encrypted tunnel which masks your IP address and let to access any geo-restricted content.

Nasra Aharchich from YouGov Reports said:

“The number of people using VPN is significant enough to provide a headache to those services which use region-based access.”

VPN can be used on any device like computer, tablet or smartphone.

Today there are many special VPN applications both for Android and iOS. But the most secure way is setting up a vpn tunnel without any application.

This will take you a few more minutes but guarantee you much more security and privacy because you can be sure that no additional applications track your data.

Please review VPN setup guides for you different operating systems.


Best VPN for UK

Below you can see reliable VPN services for using in UK:

Sahrzad VPN
1 week$3.99
1 month$9.99
3 months$27.99
6 months$53.99
1 year$89.99


VPN Account
1 week$3.5
1 month$10
3 months$28
6 months$52
1 year$98


 Spider VPN (for Android)The Cheapest!
1 week$3
1 month$5
3 months$10
6 months$15
1 year$29.99


VPN Privacy
1 week$3.5
1 month$10
3 months$28
6 months$52
1 year$98


Torrent VPNThe best for p2p
1 week$5
1 month$15
3 months$40
6 months$75
1 year$140