🔥How to Unblock Grindr in Indonesia UAE Turkey Qatar

Last updated on August 3rd, 2019 at 02:45 pm

If you are looking for a secure and reliable solution how to unblock Grindr in Turkey, UAE Dubai, Indonesia Bali, Qatar, and others places – you are in the right place.

VPN for Grindr – is your best option to use the application and protect your privacy. Using VPN for Grindr is safe and secure.


Grindr is a special geo-social networking mobile application for gay and bisexual men. It is designed to help them meet other men in their area. iOS and Android versions are available.

If Grindr is blocked in your area you can simply use a VPN for it.

VPN is a special secured encrypted tunnel – virtual private network.

It masks your IP address and also encrypts all your traffic. So nobody can monitor your Internet activity while you are using a VPN.

We recommend using SSL (SSTP) vpn service that can’t be identified. It looks like you are using the usual secure https protocol, like in your e-mail or Facebook.
Many websites use https (banks, government, email services) for secure data transferring between website and user. It is 100% untrackable.

How to Unblock Grindr on your Android device

  1. Setup VPN connection on your Android Device
  2. Connect to VPN
  3. Unblock Grindr in Indonesia UAE  Turkey


You can use our secure SSTP VPN application here

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Please review video guide how to setup secure conenction on your Android device.

You will receive your VPN account data (login, password and vpn server address) after the order.

If you do not have your vpn account data yet, you can try Sahrzad Service for free.


More about Grindr vpn:

Below you can see the list of the countries where Grindr is blocked in 2019:

Grindr is blocked in Iran

  • Grindr is banned in Tehran
  • Grindr is banned in Bandar-e Anzali
  • Grindr is banned in Shiraz
  • Grindr is banned in Sowme’eh Sara
  • Grindr is banned in Isfahan
  • Grindr is banned in Amir of Tabriz

Grindr is blocked in Turkey 

Grindr is blocked in Egypt

Grindr is blocked in Lebanon

Grindr is blocked in Saudi Arabia

Grindr is blocked in Indonesia

By the way, no Grindr lets to change the icon of the application if you do not want to share this information.