How to access blocked sites in The United Arab Emirates?

Internet limits are very serious and strict in the United Arab Emirates. A great number of sites are blocked in the country. Testing different solution for this problem we have found a simple and secure answer to the question How to open and access blocked sites in UAE?

The safest and reliable way to bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked sites is using a secured private connection that cannot be detected by any other third party, like Sahrzad service.


There are many different VPNs you can try. For example, services like Aeroshield and VPN Privacy offer free trial account so you can test the service before ordering absolutely free.

The United Arab Emirates is a fantastic Asian country. Like its neighbor countries Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran Internet access is regulated by the government. UAE suffers from serious Internet censorship. Many websites are blocked in UAE and of course, people try to find an easy, safe and reliable solution to access blocked sites in UAE.

Most popular solutions to unblock sites

There are many different solutions to bypass web filters and enter blocked sites today.

Among them, I can point

  • using Google cache
  • online translation services
  • way back machine
  • RSS readers
  • proxy and VPN services (we can recommend services like Sahrzad – great for the Middle East, Aeroshield – works fine for KSA, VPN Privacy– secure and reliable)
  • sites that help to unblock sites.

Some of them work in UAE and help to open restricted sites while others are not very reliable and safe.

How to access blocked sites in UAE

The main idea that will help to unblock sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, others emirates and others countries is that most of the blocks and bans there are based on the IP address.

When you connect to the Internet with usual network connection you automatically get UAE IP address or the IP of the country where you are now. Many sites and web services are not available from UAE IP. This means that when you are trying to access some website from Arabian IP – it is blocked for you.

So to access blocked sites in UAE all you need is just hide or mask your real IP address and change it to the IP of another country where all your needed sites are available.

The easiest and fastest method to hide real IP is proxy and VPN services.

Proxy is a very popular solution because it is mainly free to use. However, using the proxy to unblock sites in UAE has many disadvantages. Among them

  • slow speed
  • unstable proxy work
  • low-security level.

Personal VPN to Unblock Sites in UAE

Personal vpn account corrects all these items. VPN account for UAE is a virtual private network that not only masks your real ip address. But also encrypts all the traffic sent via vpn secured tunnel.

The only thing that can disappoint you is that good vpn services are usually paid. An average price for premium vpn accounts today is about 10$ a month. Of course, you could find a cheaper solution but it is better to test them before buying because some of them can be to slow for you.

VPN account is also a great solution to unblock websites in UAE because it can be used not only on PC but also on MAC, iPhone, iPad, ipod touch, Android and others devices that support VPN technology.

To make a new vpn connection from you to the vpn server you do not need to setup any additional software or application. Just follow our easy step by step vpn setup guides for your device or operational system, make a new vpn connection and enjoy your online security and freedom.

Access restricted sites and view blocked sites in UAE with personal vpn account right now!




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